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Borneo White Vein Fine Powder

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Borneo White Vein is a light green kratom powder from Indonesia. It is known for potentially having energizing and euphoric properties.

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Borneo White Kratom Powder, what is it and how is it made?

Borneo White Kratom is a strain of Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical tree that can be found in Borneo, as well as other rainforests in South-East Asia. Humans have been using products derived from this species for centuries, because of its medicinal properties.

White Borneo Kratom is especially valued amongst consumers. It has an intense effect and can may dramatically improve your overall mood, well-being, and energy level. Next, we will list various potential benefits of kratom, effects that can be controlled in terms of intensity and duration by controlling the kratom dose.

What are the benefits of Borneo White?

  • Energy – In lower doses Borneo White Vein Kratom may provide stimulating effects, which could boost mood and energy.
  • Pain – In higher doses Borneo White Kratom may produce a calming effect on your body and mind. If you are struggling with chronic pain this may help you manage it better.
  • Focus – Need to study intensively, practice an activity that takes a lot of mental effort, or have a challenging work to deal with? Borneo White Kratom could possibly help you concentrate, focus your energy on a goal and have more mental stamina.
  • Mood – Maybe you’re going through a boring, rough time, or perhaps you’re struggling with issues like anxiety and depression. A little pick-me-up is a welcome treat to boost your mood and make your day better. Use a natural product like Borneo white kratom to help yourself feel better.
  • Stress – Stress can lead to many health complications, and keeping it under control can be a challenge. Borneo White Kratom users regularly report noticing that their stress level was going down after use.
  • Libido – Does your love life need a boost? Kratom has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties, and may help those who use it last longer and feel more pleasure.

It’s important to note that these potential benefits are subjective and are not backed by scientific research. More studies are needed to confirm the safety and effectiveness of Borneo White Kratom. Furthermore, Kratom is not regulated by the FDA and thus it is important to consult a medical professional before using kratom or any other supplement.

The American Kratom Association

In the United States kratom is constantly under attack, so the American Kratom Association has been dedicated at helping states to keep kratom safe and legal. In addition, the AKA has been dedicated to improving the Kratom industry through their GMP standards. This organization is also working to get each state to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will help address issues within the current market including age restrictions and fines. 

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22 reviews for Borneo White Vein Fine Powder

  1. steven

    for me this one is a very good early morning choice goes very well with work and i am very in tune with life very good choice for any time of day

  2. Liza

    This strain is my new fave! KTC has always been good to me. Fast shipping. Good prices. They are a company that I always return to. Their morning blend is also good.

  3. George

    Friends let me tell you that this white strain has always been one of my favorite, simply because the effects has never let me down, with working two jobs this has always given me that great kick to get my day started as well as if I start to wind down just burning a lil extra and with in minutes off I go to continue my extremely long day. It also seems to help with pain as well. Every one that also uses kratom in my family also love this strain even made my dad a believer that kratom really works and he loves it, my mother who has illness loves kratom because she no longer takes any of the medication that her close minded doctors say she needs. In short friends kratom really works, all I can say is give this strain a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Charles Kevin Cuthbert

    White Vein Borneo is my standing favorite. it’s all I ever buy. It really shines first thing in the morning – when you wake up sleep deprived, still stiff & achy from the day before – The Morning Blah’s, ‘oh god, not another day…’ – well White Vein Borneo totally reverses the Morning Blahs. All of a sudden it’s the most beautiful day on earth! And let me tell you; that’s something that coffee cannot do. That spectacular anti-depressant effect carries throughout the day as well. It’s also great in the evening. Actually White Vein Borneo has to be the fastest-acting, most potent anti-depressant on earth. I’ve not found any other kratom strain that feels like White Vein Borneo. Oddly enough, it isn’t expensive.

  5. Deathpunched

    This was my first on-line order and I couldn’t be happier with quality and service. Thanks KTC and you have a new repeat customer.

  6. Mrs.D

    I want to thank you guys for the sample I requested, it was very generous of you. I recently made another purchase, you guys are the best and the shipping is lightening fast!

  7. Jay Bird

    Borneo white is awesome, and my favorite white. And the price can’t be beat. The reason you see so many 4 and 5 star ratings for products on this site is because they are ALL great! I was tired of inconsistent products offered on other sites, and couldn’t take one more pop up add or flashy gimmick… then I found KTC. Now they are my soul supplier of Kratom. Every order is shipped fast and the quality is always consistently good.

  8. Bobcat

    This is some outstanding kratom. I had been using reds for some time and figured that’s pretty much what all kratom was like but I must say this is the only strain I will be buying from now on. The lift in mood is very notable and it puts a real spring in your step. Make sure to drink with plenty of green tea, for health and effect.

  9. Richard

    Borneo White is by far my favorite type of Kratom. It’s very uplifting, and takes care of any “everyday” aches and pains. I usually dose 1-2 times a day depending on what i’m doing. I love the product and the customer service CANNOT BE MATCHED!

  10. Richard

    I already left a review on the energetic blend talking about how you need to be patient when you first start and find the right strain and dose before I ordered this strain. This may very well be the one for me. I suffered with opiate pain medication addiction followed by a year of absolute heroin HELL! I have been taking suboxone for over 2 years to stay clean and it helps with the physical withdrawal but does nothing with the insane depression associated with coming off opiates. If you never experienced this then I envy you but while using this strain I have noticed myself not only not having physical withdrawal (because I stopped suboxone thanks to these guys) but I have had an INCREDIBLE mood boost. This is the best I have felt in over 2 years. It doesn’t make you loopy like a serious opiate would but it definitely has given me a little of that euphoric feeling my brain has been missing these last 2 years. If you don’t understand addiction then you would think I am falling backwards….though you would be wrong! Opiate addicts pleasure center in their brain bottoms out when they don’t take opiates. In active addiction you need your drug to bring your brain chemistry to the level of the normal person. That is why so many opiate addicts fail…because you have to find how to get yourself to feel normal (happy) without sticking a needle in your arm. For the time being…this stuff will be essential in helping me fight my demons! THANK YOU KTC!!!

  11. Mike Linn

    I have RA and this has crippled me with pain have been to the top of the narcotic list and back down with no relief just dead ends.Kratom has changed everything for me thank you.

  12. David Lorin S

    Kratom Trading thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Pleasure to do business with you guys. I love how productive and pain free white Borneo feels. The feeling lasts hours for me and I’m taking very little daily. I kicked a horrible pain pill addiction with this amazing plant. I was on the verge of divorce because of how much I was spending on my addiction. Without pills I wasn’t the husband/Father my family needed unless I was high on pills. Even then I was living in a blurry haze. Thankfully as of today I’m 5 weeks pill free. Can’t thank you guys enough for everything and the customer reviews had me sold before I tried it. Can’t wait to order different strains in the future. This strain replaced coffee for my morning fuel.

  13. Damon

    Kratom Trading Company simply delivers the “Best Product”! This strain provides excellent focus, motivation, and relaxation! Works well in Breakfast Smoothies to kick-start your day. Julie and Team deliver nothing less than Excellent Customer Service! By far your BEST Kratom source!!!

    Job well done!

  14. Matt

    Hi there, Im a pretty experienced kratom consumer but have never tried any of the white/yellow strains. I think due to the fact that I use Kratom mostly for anxiety and sleeplessness. P.S> I’m writing this here because it was not letting me ask a question above.) My question is, If coffee usually gives me the shakes and jitters, will one of these strains do the same or will I receive the energy and euphoria with out the “caffeine crash” and “jittery hands”? If anyone can help me answer that, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. P.P.S. This company is still the best around as far as customer- service/quality of product/ and amazingly fast shipping. HELP KEEP IT LEGAL.

  15. robert saia

    I do NOT work for this company or know anyone in it. The reason I preface this is that you should believe me when I tell you that this company is well run. Although I only periodically order Kratom over the past two years, I have always received my order on time and without issue. Sometimes they even put in free samples. I have tried various powders, extracts and blends and have not been disappointed with any. Keep up the good customer service!.

  16. Mary

    I have chronic pain issues due to two bulging discs, Arthritis, Scoliosis and DJD, all in my lower back. If you were to give me a choice between narcotic pain relievers or Kratom, I will ALWAYS choose Kratom. I’ve found that the Borneo White strain works best for me, but any strain helps relieve the intense pain and anxiety these ailments cause.

    I am eternally grateful for this amazing plant just as I am eternally grateful for this amazing company. The extremely kind and professional customer service and the people at Kratom Trading Company are beyond outstanding! I cannot adequately express how awesome they are. The processing and shipping of product is extremely quick and I know I can always count on them for fast delivery.

    I’m not one to write reviews, but I simply cannot keep my experience with this company, their product and my opinion of both, silent. If you’re looking to purchase Kratom, this is the absolute best company to buy from, hands down. Kratom Trading Company has my business for life!

  17. Karen Thomas

    I received a sample of the Borneo white powder with my order of a green powder. I am new to buying Kratom and the samples are a great way for me to find the leaf that I like. Borneo white gave me smooth energy and focus for my 12 hour shifts at work. I mean smooth by that I was not jittery and didn’t feel too amped up. It was just perfect!

  18. Fetia Faggiano

    Yellow is the Bomb…. trying white now. excellent product & company !!!!!!!!!!
    Julia goes Out of her way for us customers 🙂

  19. Nadine

    This strain is very energizing and mildly euphoric. I look forward to my morning motivational mixture of kratom, frozen fruit and vanilla almond milk!

    Just be cautious of large doses, in my experience this strain tends to make me feel nauseated if I take too much.

    This is a great company! Easy to work with and fast shipping. Thanks Julia for your attention to detail and for taking such good care of me. 🙂

  20. ANDY


  21. Paul

    White Borneo is fantastic if you need a quick energy boost, suffer from chronic pain and you wish a nice euphoria lift. It’s very important to measure each and every dose. My sweet spot is 3 grams every morning with some orange juice, 3 times per day. Start very low and work you way up until you find your sweet spot. Don’t overdue or measure with a teaspoon. With this strain strain less is definitely better or you can overdue it and get nauseous.

  22. Melissa Penrose

    I have degenerative disc disease, 2 herniated disc in my lumbar, reversed cervical from car accident , recently I fell on the job, on my right hip I went to the doctor he did the usual x rays make sure nothing was broken sent me to physical therapy. After my physical therapy ended. I was still In pain, can not sleep on my right side due to my hip to painful . His next step was to send me to pain management, I explained to him I did not want to go I did not want to end up on pain pills again. I have been down that road it is way to scary for me. This is when I started researching and found Kratom it has helped. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about Kratom. It has truly helped me so much. I’m very thankful for it.

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